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Proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme: Human Rights Analysis

Wadiwel, D.,

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme, as proposed by the Productivity Commission (PC) in their 2011 Disability Care and Support Draft Report, provides an unprecedented opportunity to realign support arrangements for people with disability in order to achieve full inclusion and participation. The PC has proposed a number of enhancements to the present system, including opening up a range of information and support services to the whole community (and not just people with disability), shifting the platform for the delivery of disability supports to an entitlement basis, and endorsing a person-centered approach to help that will improve the capacity of individuals to exercise choice, be included in communities, and participate on an equal basis in civil, political, economic, social and cultural fields. This report analyses the NDIS scheme from a human rights perspective.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Australian Federation of Disability Organisations Report 2011

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Community and civic participation, Safety and security

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