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Who's on board? Public transport for people with disabilities in Victoria

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, State of Victoria,

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The Australian Government is currently reviewing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Transport Standards to assess whether discrimination has been removed, as far as possible, and to advise on any necessary amendments to the Transport Standards. This review provides an excellent opportunity for transport providers to reflect on whether access to public transport has improved for people with disabilities. It is important to acknowledge the improvements that have been made to accessibility, such as the construction of superstop tram platforms, the introduction of the SmartBus and the development of tramTRACKER, a mobile application that advises passengers which services will use a low floor tram. The review also offers the Australian Government the opportunity to consider how the Transport Standards can be shaped to remove discrimination from public transport services.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission Report

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Transport and communication

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