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Community and civic participation

The efficacy of outpatient and community-based aphasia group interventions: A systematic review

Aphasia can be defined as the inability to understand or produce speech. This article seeks to examine the efficiency of community and outpatient aphasia groups using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) framework.

The Right to Health, International Human Rights Legislation and Mental Health Policy and Care Practices for People with Psychiatric Disability

This article is based on research which examined the current and potential impact of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) on Australian and South Australian legislation and policy.

The role of informal networks in providing effective work opportunities for people with an intellectual disability

This article seeks to explore the role of informal networks in influencing work opportunities for people with disability.

The value of peer operated service

This article, presented by Social Ventures Australia, seeks to explore the value of support provided by people with a lived experience of mental health issues. While this service had grown over the last 30 years, there has been little evaluation on its direct impact.

This is my home: belonging, disability and diversity

This report explores the perceptions of what home, belonging and social connection mean for people with disability from Non English Speaking Backgrounds (NESB).

To be or to refuse to be? Exploring the concept of leisure as resistance for young people who are visually impaired

This article seeks to explore the concept of leisure as a form of resistance to social constraints of blindness.

To gain, retain and retrain: the role of post-school education for people with a disability

This study extends previous work which showed that VET qualifications had a positive effect on the chances of finding work for people with a disability.

Transitions from school for young adults with intellectual disability: Parental perspectives on “life as an adjustment”

The current Australian study provided a voice for parents to report on the experiences of and outcomes for young adults following their recent transition from school into post-school life.

Transitions onto the age pension an analysis of FaCS longitudinal administrative data

This report was prepared for the Department of Family and Community Services to assist in the assessment of policy options to encourage employment and self-sufficiency among people aged 50 or more.

United Kingdom Life Opportunities Survey

This UK survey aims to identify the reasons why people with disability do not participate in the community as much as they would like. It also explores topics such as living standards, housing, discrimination and crime.

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