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Economic participation

A conceptual approach to the work, leisure and retirement education of adults with an intellectual disability

This thesis is concerned with the application of a conceptual approach to educational efforts to improve aspects of work, leisure and retirement functioning in a specific group; persons with an intellectual disability.

A new mentorship model: Towards ares employment and social inclusion for people with disability

This report evaluates the year-long multi-partnered project and exhibition called HERE&NOW13, which developed artistic skills and social inclusion of artists with disability.

Art works: Employment in the arts for people with disability: Current status, barriers and strategies

This report captures the results from national research into employment levels, barriers and strategies around employment in the arts for people with disability.

Assessing financial competence

Information about financial competence is used by courts and tribunals to make guardianship decisions. This paper critiques contemporary methods, procedures and practices for assessing financial competence. The article proposes a new model for evaluating a person's financial competence.

Barriers to maternal workforce participation and relationship between paid work and health

This article presents the findings from a mailed survey identifying issues including mother's health, workforce participation and barriers to inclusion in the workplace.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics' Census of Population and Housing includes one measure of disability – the need for assistance with core activities.

Characteristics of Disability Support Pension Recipients , June 2006

This paper provides information on the characteristics of Disability Support Pension Recipients.

Children’s Health and Parental Labour Supply

This paper examines the relationship between children's long-term health problems and parental labour supply. Children's long-term health problems are associated with declines in household income, mainly due to parents' shift from permanent to fixed-term employment.

Communication restrictions - The experience of people with a disability in the community

This data briefing explores the relationship between communication restrictions and other outcomes for people with a disability.

Community-based vocational rehabilitation: Effectiveness and cost impact of a proposed program model

This article seeks to explore the impact of an innovative community-based vocational rehabilitation program for participants with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.

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