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Economic participation

NDIS Costs and the 2014 Federal Budget

Presentation by Richard Madden, Centre for Disability Research and Policy, University of Sydney to the 2014 CADR Research to Action Conference, Sydney.

Neoliberal Welfare Reform and 'Rights' Compliance under Australian Social Security Law

This article examines the extent to which social security decision making in Australia is favourably influenced by international treaties which include social security among the social and economic rights sought to be protected.

Next-generation social care: The role of e-marketplaces in empowering care users and transforming services

Many local authorities are developing social care ‘e-marketplaces’ to give individuals easier access to adult social care services.

Overworking among people with psychiatric disorders: Results from a large community survey

This paper examined the characteristics of people with psychiatric disorders who work long hours. It showed that men with higher education dependent children are at greater risk of over-working. The findings have implications for their long-term treatment and care.

Poverty in 2014 - ACOSS

The Australian Council of Social Service has today (12 October 2014) released a new report revealing that poverty is growing in Australia with an estimated 2.5 million people or 13.9% of all people living below the internationally accepted poverty line.

Pricing Joint Working Group – Final Report (NDIA/NDS)

The Pricing Joint Working Group, which comprised equal representation from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and the National Disability Services (NDS) along with two independent expert consultants, was established to address pricing issues.

Receiving treatment, labor force activity, and work performance among people with psychiatric disorders: results from a population survey

This study examined the association between receiving treatment for psychiatric disorders and work performance. It found that receiving treatment was associated with non-participation in lobour force. It is also related to poor job performance.

Shaw Trust

Shaw Trust is the UK's largest third sector provider of employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people. We work in partnership with public sector organisations and provide diverse services for businesses.

Snapshot of flexible funding outcomes in four countries

This article seeks to review outcomes for several flexible funding programmes.

Students with a Hearing Loss in VET in Australia: A Statistical Snapshot. Support Document

This study identifies and evaluates the pathways available from school to vocational education and training and to work, for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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