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Evaluation of the Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) program with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

This report contains results from a 2010-11 small-scale pilot evaluation of the LAMP program involving three students suggesting that LAMP can lead to rapid and sustained increases in symbolic communication and in length of individual utterances for child

Facilitating the learning of all students: the ‘professional positive’ of inclusive practice in Australian primary schools

This article considers the positive aspects of inclusion in Australian primary schools through a historical account of the nation's journey to adopting current policies and practices to make Australian schools as inclusive as possible.

Factors affecting student adjustment as they transition from primary to secondary school: a longitudinal investigation

This thesis sought to determine the personal and contextual factors that affect adjustment outcomes of all mainstream students and students with a disability. Gender, health status, socio-economic status and culture influenced adjustment outcomes.

Family day care is for normal kids: Facilitators and barriers to the inclusion of children with disabilities in family day care

This paper explored barriers and factors that promote the inclusion of children with disabilities in family day care (FDC). It discusses the implications of the inclusion of children with disabilities in FDC.

Improving outcomes of preschool language delay in the community: protocol for the Language for Learning randomised controlled trial

Early language delay is a matter of concern to both parents and professionals. This study assessed language skills such as vocabulary and grammar; narrative skills; comprehension monitoring; and phonological awareness/pre-literacy skill. The study has relevance for parents and the community.

Inclusion in Australia: What Teachers Say They Need and What School Psychologists Can Offer

This article examines the inclusion-related beliefs and perceived needs of primary teachers in Australia, and proposes ways that school psychologists can help meet these needs.

Inclusion in early childhood services: ongoing challenges

This article provides a brief summary of a project in which the aim was to identify the challenges for early childhood services in NSW, including children with disabilities.

Inclusion in Education: Towards Equality for Students with Disability

This paper draws from recent research in addressing gaps in current understanding to provide a firm basis from which to inform research based policy development to overcome barriers to the realisation of Australian children's right to inclusive education.

Inclusion in PK‐12: an international perspective

To investigate inclusion across borders, quantitative and qualitative data were examined that came from 18 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, France, Iceland, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the USA.

Inclusion of students with special needs: Benefits and obstacles perceived by teachers in New South Wales and South Australia

This paper presents the views and perceptions of primary school teachers from New South Wales and South Australia about inclusive education. The teachers reported both benefits and obstacles of having students with special needs in their classrooms.

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