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Current CADR projects

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Inclusive equity : a fair go for all

This research project investigates the experiences

both of students and staff on learning disadvantage and identifies positive approaches

for dealing with inequity and with overcoming disadvantage.

Individual and Environmental Characteristics Associated with Cognitive Development in Down Syndrome: A Longitudinal Study

In this study, associations among cognitive development and intrapersonal and environmental characteristics were investigated for 89 longitudinal study participants with Down syndrome to understand developmental patterns associated with cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Insights into the School Reporting Policies Across Australia for Students with Special Needs

This paper reviews the different reporting policies across Australia states and territories for students with special needs.

Intellectual Disability Mental Health Core Compete

The Intellectual Disability Mental Health Core Competency Framework describes the specific skills and attributes required by mental health professionals for the provision of quality mental health services to people with an intellectual disability.

Investigating the Transition of Young Children With Intellectual Disabilities to Mainstream Classes: an Australian perspective

This article seeks to investigate the transition of children with intellectual disabilities from a special pre-school program to mainstream school.

Knowledge and understanding of choice diversity of residential care staff working with individuals with intellectual disabilities

The present study aimed to trial the effectiveness of 10 newly developed brief vignettes portraying typical interactions between staff and people with intellectual disabilities in residential care settings.

Listening to the Voices of Students with Disabilities: What do Adolescents with Hearing Loss Think About Different Educational Settings?

This study gives seventy-three students with hearing loss an opportunity to give their opinion on different educational settings.

Listening to Young People with Physical Disabilities' Experiences of Education

The aim of this research was to investigate the life stories of a small number of young people with physical disabilities, in particular focusing on their educational experiences.

Literacy learning in the middle years for students with disabilities

This paper discusses some of the characteristics of students with disability and their learning needs. It identified some factors that influence their literacy learning.

Literacy skills of adults with intellectual disabilities in two community‐based day programs

The study provides information about the current literacy levels of adults with intellectual disabilities. The study findings have implications for designing better educational programmes for this group.

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Research to Action Guides

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