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Current CADR projects

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Practitioners Who Work with Parents with Intellectual Disability: Stress, Coping and Training Needs

The purpose of the current study was to identify the stressors experienced by practitioners who work with parents with intellectual disability in Australia, investigate coping strategies and explore training needs so as to inform professional development for this group.

Primary school teachers’ perceptions of inclusive education in Victoria, Australia

This article explores the perceptions of primary school teachers toward the inclusion of students with disabilities into general education classrooms. Teachers who had knowledge of the anti-discrimination law, had received training and had a family member with a disability held positive attitudes.

Reasonable accommodation of university students wth disabilities

University students with disabilities have a right to safe and reasonable accommodation. This article examines the scope and meaning of the concept of reasonable accommodation concerning case law.

Recent changes in the proportion of students identified with a disability in Australian schools

This paper identifies and discusses recent increases in the percentage of students with a disability identified in Australian schools.

Recognition and use of line drawings by children with severe intellectual disabilities: The effects of color and outline shape

This study investigated the effects of the match between color and shape of line drawings and the objects represented on drawing recognition and use.

Reported Prevalence by Australian Special Educators of Evidence-Based Instructional Practices

This research examined the reported level of implementation of eight practices in a national sample of Australian special education teachers, replicating the North American study of Burns and Ysseldyke (2009).

Responding to the widening participation agenda through improved access to and within 3D virtual learning environments

This study reports on the potential of an accessible 3D teaching and learning environment for increasing access and participation of students with disabilities. Moreover, it focuses on strategies for improving outcomes (i.e. retention, success and completion).

Safe at Schools

This research project investigated what students, their families and other key supporters such as teachers, disability, and child protection workers think about personal safety in and around school, together with their perspectives on what might make things better.

School Assessment Policies Across Australia for Students with Special Needs

This paper examines the assessment policies across Australia.

School readiness program for Aboriginal children with additional needs: working with children, families, communities and service providers - Interim evaluation report

Northcott Disability Services in partnership with the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) is evaluating Northcott’s school readiness program for Aboriginal children with additional need.

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