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Sexuality, pregnancy and midwifery care for women with intellectual disabilities: a pilot study on attitudes of university students

Women with intellectual disability have historically not been provided the opportunity to become mothers. This article seeks to explore the attitudes of students from Education, Disability and Midwifery towards the sexuality and parenting of people with an intellectual disability.

Sign Language Users’ Education and Employment Levels: Keeping Pace with Changes in the General Australian Population?

This article compares the educational and employment outcomes between sign language users and the general population. A gap exists between these two groups, although the gap has been closing over the decades. Educational reforms have contributed to the positive change.

Social relationships and friendships of children with developmental disabilities: Implications for inclusive settings. A systematic review

This paper presents a review of 36 studies relating to social relationships between children with developmental disabilities and their peers. It found the relationships between these two groups are often patchy, non-linear and limited in context.

Speech-language pathologists' assessment and intervention practices with multilingual children

This paper examined Australian speech-language pathologists' (SLPs) perspectives and experiences of multilingualism including their assessment, intervention practices and service delivery methods when working with children from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Stirring up the sediment: the corporeal pedagogies of disabilities

This article uses Merleau-Ponty's account of embodiment to explore the pedagogical capacity of disability, specifically in relation to two university courses.

Students with a Hearing Loss in VET in Australia: A Statistical Snapshot. Support Document

This study identifies and evaluates the pathways available from school to vocational education and training and to work, for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Students with ASD in mainstream primary education settings: Teachers' experiences in Western Australian classrooms

This study aimed to develop an understanding of how 12 Western Australian primary school (K–7) teachers adapted to the challenge of having a student with autism spectrum disorders in their mainstream classroom.

Students with Autism in Regular Classes: A Long-Term Follow-Up Study of a Satellite Class Transition Model

This article seeks to investigate Autism Spectrum Australia's (Aspect) satellite class programme, which aims to blend specialised intervention with strategies to better prepare students and receiving schools for transition to more inclusive educational placements.

Supporting hearing-impaired children within inclusive settings: The role of educational assistants

This study investigated the role of educational assistants working hearing- impaired children in inclusive settings.

Supporting tertiary students with disabilities: individualised and institution-level approaches in practice

This research explores the complex factors affecting the implementation of learning supports to assist students with disabilities or ongoing health conditions.

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