Hilary Johnson

Position : Adjunct Associate Professor

University : La Trobe University

Primary domain of research : Health and Wellbeing (including carers and caring)

Interests : Education, Sector Development and Sustainability,

Hilary works part-time for the School of Allied Health teaching in the area of multimodal communication. She has extensive clinical experience in the area of complex communication needs, with a research focus on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and saliva control.  She has worked for Scope a not-for profit-organisation for many years. She has presented keynotes and other papers at national and international conferences. She is a fellow of Speech Pathology Australia and the International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Current research interests are in the areas of adults with little or no speech, their relationships and communication access.

Contact Information

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03 9479 3826

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