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Health and wellbeing

Cognitive impairment in Aboriginal people with heavy episodic patterns of alcohol use

This research determines the impact of long-term and heavy episodic alcohol use on cognitive function in Aboriginal people.

Communicating About Loss: Experiences of Older Australian Adults With Cerebral Palsy and Complex Communication Needs

This study explored how older adults with a lifelong disability, such as cerebral palsy, and complex communication needs (CCN) experience loss and manage the grieving process.

Communication outcomes of children with permanent hearing loss developing speaking and signing concurrently: a review

Children with permanent hearing loss may communicate using either signed or spoken language. This article seeks to determine the extent to which concurrent access to and use of spoken and signed language influences children's development of spoken or signed language.

Comparing the Job Strain and Job Demand-Control-Support Models in Direct-Care Disability Workers: Support for Support

This study attempted to determine the relationship of stress to occupation. Occupation-specific stressors and/or psychological reactions may trigger stress-related-illness among different types of employees. .

Conditionally sexual: Men and teenage boys with moderate to profound intellectual disability

This article presents data about the sexuality of men and boys with intellectual disability. It underscores the need for a better understanding of sexual health needs of these men and boys.

Contested Housing Landscapes? Social Inclusion, Deinstitutionalisation and Housing Policy in Australia

This paper explores the character and implications of deinstitutionalisation in Australia as a rehousing process. It is based on a recent national research project that has examined the housing futures of people with intellectual disabilities who have been, or will be, deinstitutionalised.

Coping strategies in mothers of school-aged children with intellectual disabilities

The role of the family is crucially important in providing a good education to students with special needs. However, this role is often overlooked. Parents can play a critical role in students' long-term achievement.

Counting Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Australia: The evidence and the challenges

This review collates information on the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in Australia.

Culturally and linguistically diverse carers in Australia: Background report

This report presents information about care provided by culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) populations in Australia. It provides a profile of the CALD carers, an overview of their services. It also focuses on resources and relevant policies.

Culture and coping: Anglo- and Greek-Australian parents of children with a disability

This article seeks to explore coping methods in Anglo- and Greek-Australian families with a disabled child.

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