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Safety and security

A preliminary investigation of the utility of the “Behavior Support Plan Quality Evaluation Guide II” for use in Australia

This paper examined the utility of the Behavior Support Plan Quality Evaluation Guide II (BSP-QE II) which is used when working with adults with an intellectual disability. It argues that BSP-QE II is an effective tool.

An Assessment of Policies Guiding School Emergency Disaster Management for Students With Disabilities in Australia

This study investigated the presence and extent of governmental policies and guidelines underpinning disaster management in schools in Australia with respect to meeting needs of vulnerable students with disabilities.

Annotated Bibliography of Research on the Implementation of Positive Behaviour Support

Presents an annotated bibliography of research on the implementation of Positive Behaviour Support commissioned by the Western Australian Disability Commission.

Background Paper on access to Justice for People with Disability in the Criminal Justice System

This report combines information regarding the way people with disability interact with the justice system.

Building the Evidence. A Report on the status of Policy and Practice in responding to violence against women with disabilities in Victoria

This report aims to analyse the extent to which current Victorian family violence policy and practice recognises and provides for women with disabilities who experience violence.

Carers in Australia: assisting frail older people and people with a disability

This report is concerned with the work of those who provide care to adults and children who require the assistance of others because of disability, including age-related frailty. Such work is widely referred to as ‘informal care’.

Disability and child sexual abuse in institutional contexts

An analysis of the historical, social and policy context around the treatment of children with disability in institutional contexts for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Disobedient behaviours in children with intellectual disability

This study tests the hypothesis that disobedient behaviours in children with intellectual disability can appear when when faced with tasks inappropriate for their mental age.

Domestic and family violence database summary - disabilities

This report reviews cases of violence perpetrated against people with a disability. Violence against a partner or adult children was the most commonly reported type of violence.

Domestic Violence and Children with Disabilities: Working Towards Enhancing Social Work Practice

This article examines the information available on domestic violence and children with a disability.

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