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Safety and security

Collaboration as a Strategic Service in Government Online Communities

This study investigates strategic innovation changes designed to facilitate collaboration among online communities in NSW.

Community & disability services training - NSW Ombudsman

This resource is a link to a series of workshops run by the NSW Ombudsman regarding complaints, complaint handling and serious incidents in the community and disability sector.

Content analysis of school anti-bullying policies: a comparison between New Zealand and Victoria, Australia

This article seeks to undertake a detailed analysis of the content of anti-bullying policies in schools in New Zealand (NZ) and Victoria, Australia.

Current developments in Australia: School safety and disability discrimination—Purvis v. New South Wales (Department of Education and Training)

Some behaviours by students with a disability in schools raise questions about the security and safety of other students and inclusive education. This paper discusses a court case relating to this problem.

Developing behavioural training services to meet defined standards within an Australian statewide disability service system and the associated client outcomes

This study examined and the impact of the behavioural services training on the associated client outcomes and the severity rings of subsequent referrals in disability services in Tasmania.

Disability support services 2006-07: national data on services provided under the Commonwealth State/Territory Disability Agreement

This report outlines the characteristics of people who used specialist disability services in

2006–07 and the services they received.

Domestic and family violence database summary - disabilities

This report reviews cases of violence perpetrated against people with a disability. Violence against a partner or adult children was the most commonly reported type of violence.

Hearing loss and communication disability within the criminal justice system

This report offers an audiological assessment of people with hearing loss in the context of the criminal justice system in Northern Territory, Australia. Moreover, it provides recommendations for the development of appropriate model of service delivery for prisoners with hearing loss.

How to hear me - A resource kit for counsellors and other professionals working with people with intellectual disabilities

This book and accompanying DVD are designed to help build the capacity of mainstream counselling professionals to work with people with intellectual disability in their day-today practice.

Improving Recognition of Carers’ Skills: Literature Review

This review of the literature examined: the skills and knowledge of carers and the transferability of these to employment; the role of and approaches to supporting education and training; and approaches that support carers’ transition into education, training and employment.

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