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Social relationships

'Do You Think I'm Stupid?': Urban Encounters between People with and without Intellectual Disability

This paper discusses patterns of interaction between people with and without intellectual disability. It is based on observations at a suburb in Melbourne.

‘My grandchild has a disability’: Impact on grandparenting identity, roles and relationships

This research explores how having a grandchild influences grandparents' sense of identity and the roles that they play as grandparents.

A descriptive examination of the types of relationships formed between children with developmental disability and their closest peers in inclusive school settings

This study examined patterns of relationships between children with developmental disability and others such as peers, teachers and parents in inclusive school settings. While reports of general friendship and acquaintance were common, those of more intimate relationships were limited.

Adjustment characteristics of healthy siblings of children with autism

This study is a qualitative analysis which compares parents’ self-reports with self-reports from 27 children who have siblings with autism and 27 children with no disabled sibling.

Australia's welfare 2011: the tenth biennial welfare report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

This report provides statistics and related information concerning topics such as families, ageing, disability and housing.

Autism spectrum symptomatology in children: The impact of family and peer relationships

This article seeks to examine positive and negative family and peer influences on children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Care proceedings and parents with learning difficulties: comparative prevalence and outcomes in an English and Australian court sample

This paper presents and contrasts the findings from two independent but comparable court studies in England and Australia of care proceedings involving parents with learning difficulties.

Chicago Center for Disability Research

IDHD/DHD fosters strong community connections through its model demonstration programs, academic programs, and research centers. IDHD/DHD is dedicated to the scholarly, interdisciplinary study of disability and related aspects of human development.

Creating a Different Kind of Normal: Parent and Child Perspectives on Sibling Relationships When One Child in the Family Has Autism Spectrum Disorder

This article reports findings from a study that explored the nature of sibling relationships when one child in the family has autism. It employs a collective case study approach to capture the perspectives of parents and young children (aged four to seven years) from three different families.

Developing the National Early Childhood Development Researchable Data Set

This information paper outlines the processes undertaken towards establishing the National Early Childhood Development Researchable Data Set.

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