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Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and Perceptions of Friendship

Carrington, Suzanne, Templeton, Elizabeth, Papinczak, Tracey,

Academic Literature


This qualitative study investigated the perceptions of friendship faced by teenagers diagnosed With Asperger syndrome. This research aimed to provide teachers With an insight into the social World of Asperger syndrome from a student perspective. A multiple—case study approach Was used to collect data from 5 secondary school students in Australia. Data Were collected through the use of semistructured intervieWs. An inductive approach to data analysis resulted in a number of broad themes in the data: (a) understanding of concepts or language regarding friendships, (b) description of What is a friend, (c) description of What is not a friend, (d) description of an acquaintance, and (e) using masquerading to cope With social deficits. The insights provided by the participants in this study are valuable for teachers, parents, and anyone else involved in inclusive education.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

Location : International

Domain/s: Social relationships

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