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Social relationships

Modeling contextual influences on parents with intellectual disability and their children

This paper examined the relationships between parenting practices and children's well-being in families where a parent had an intellectual disability. Findings showed that parenting practices influenced children's well-being. Moreover, access to social support influenced parenting practices.

Moving towards Midlife Care as Negotiated Family Business: Accounts of People with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families "Just Getting along with Their Lives Together"

This article seeks to explore meanings of family care held by seven families that include a middle‐aged adult with intellectually disability.

Original Articles The Role of Family in the Development of Social Skills in Children with Physical Disabilities

This study aims to identify the family characteristics that promote the development of social skills in children with physical disabilities.

Parent management training and Asperger syndrome: a randomized controlled trial to evaluate a parent based intervention

The study assessed the outcomes of an intervention. The intervention aimed at increasing parental competence in management of problem behaviours associated with Asperger syndrome.

People with developmental disabilities teaching medical students–does it make a difference?

This paper assesses changes in attitudes of fourth year undergraduate medical students towards interacting with people with developmental disabilities. After an intervention, students' attitudes became more positive.

Physical and mental health of mothers caring for a child with Rett syndrome

This article seeks to explore the physical and mental health of mothers who care for a child with Retts Syndrome.

Playground politics

This article seeks to explore the ways in which students with disability develop social relationships.

Prevalence of parents with intellectual disability in Australia

This study identifies prevalence and demographic data on parents with ID in Australia

Primary school teachers’ perceptions of inclusive education in Victoria, Australia

This article explores the perceptions of primary school teachers toward the inclusion of students with disabilities into general education classrooms. Teachers who had knowledge of the anti-discrimination law, had received training and had a family member with a disability held positive attitudes.

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