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Social relationships

Report to the Information Economy Policy Office of the Department for Administrative and Information Services and Department of Human Services of the Government of South Australia for the SA regional IT disability project

This project aimed to conduct a needs analysis and prepare a business case to address the provision of online and technology based services and equipment for people with disabilities in regional South Australia.

Research Autism

This resource commissions, carries out and supports high quality, independent research into new and existing health, education, social and other interventions designed to help people with autism.

Respite reconsidered: A discussion of key issues and future directions for carer respite

This paper discusses the concept of respite in the context of demographic and social trends; in particular an ageing population, the greater longevity of people with disabilities and the changing role of women and the diversity of family forms.

Service and support needs of Australian carers supporting a family member with disability at home

This study investigates the support needs of Australian family carers.

Service Delivery Complexities: Early Intervention for Children With Physical Disabilities

This study aimed at understanding the experiences of early intervention staff delivering services to children with physical disabilities and their families. The study stressed the usefulness of family-centred practice, flexible service provisions, teamwork, inter-agency coordination and skills.

Sexual Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis

Persons with Multiple Sclerosis have a high prevalence of sexual dysfunction (SD). This article seeks to describe SD in persons with MS, its impact on quality of life and relationship with bladder function.

Social inclusion and people with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour: A systematic review

This systematic literature review examined how social inclusion of people with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour has been researched and operationalised in the empirical literature.

Social relationships and friendships of children with developmental disabilities: Implications for inclusive settings. A systematic review

This paper presents a review of 36 studies relating to social relationships between children with developmental disabilities and their peers. It found the relationships between these two groups are often patchy, non-linear and limited in context.

Social vulnerability and bullying in children with Asperger syndrome

This study evaluated factors that influence bullying for children with Asperger syndrome. Findings showed that social vulnerability strongly impacted on bullying.

Stress and coping in primary caregivers of children with a disability : a qualitative study using the Lazarus and Folkman Process Model of Coping

The article seeks to explore the common stressors encountered by caregivers of children with a disability.

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