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Transport and communication


This paper reports results from a trial on PICTURE IT - a communication training package designed for carers of adults with severe and multiple disabilities.

Australian experiences with accessibility policies post the Sydney olympic games

This paper reviews the current online accessibility policies and guidelines of federal and state governments in Australia and contrasts these positions with the high levels of accessibility expected in the future in the banking, education, legal and multimedia sectors.

Australian Perspectives of the Use of the Internet by People Who Are Visually Impaired and Professionals Who Work with Them

Although a wealth of information is now available via the Internet, people with visual impairment experience significant barriers and difficulties.This study explored the experiences of people with vision impairment. It also examined the role of organisations working for people with vision problem.

Communication restrictions - The experience of people with a disability in the community

This data briefing explores the relationship between communication restrictions and other outcomes for people with a disability.

Disability Research Network, University of Newcastle

The Network aims to include all stakeholders in the Hunter Region, NSW, with a special interest in disability, disability research, disability research translation, and evidence-based disability policy and practice.

Evaluating communication training for paid carers of people with traumatic brain injury

This paper aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a communication training programme for paid carers to improve their conversational interactions with people with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Experiences of adults with complex communication needs receiving and using low tech AAC: An Australian context

This article seeks to investigate the experiences of adults with complex communication needs receiving low tech aided augmentative and communication (AAC) systems such as as pictures or charts. Overall, participants differed in using their AAC aids reflecting the benefits of multimodal options.

Police perceptions of interviews involving children with intellectual disabilities : a qualitative inquiry

This study employed a qualitative method to explore the challenges of police officers when interviewing children with intellectual disabilities.

Scott V. Telstra: A Watershed in Australian Telecommunication Policy

This article describes how teletypewriters (TTYs) was included as part of the definition of the Universal Service Obligation (USO) - an outcome of the public inquiry known as Scott v. Telstra, which was held in 1995.

Technology and Disability

Technology and Disability communicates knowledge about the field of assistive technology devices and services, within the context of the lives of end users - persons with disabilities and their family members.

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