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Transport and communication

Selected Findings from the First International Evaluation of the Proposed Unified English Braille Code

The goal of this research project was to gather evaluation data from respondents across English speaking countries on the ways in which they use braille and on their opinions about various aspects of the proposed unified braille code.

Speech Perception Results for Children Using Cochlear Implants Who Have Additional Special Needs

The aim of this study is to examine the association between degree of developmental delay and speech perception outcomes for a group of young children using cochlear implants.

Speech-language pathologists' views on mentoring by people who use speech generating devices

The aim of this study was to explore speech-language pathologists' (SLP) perceptions of the important components of a program where adults who use an speech generating device (SGD) mentor new learners.

Technology and Disability

Technology and Disability communicates knowledge about the field of assistive technology devices and services, within the context of the lives of end users - persons with disabilities and their family members.

The Cultural and Linguistic Diversity of 3-Year-Old Children with Hearing Loss

This article reports findings from a study which describes the communication mode, oral language use, and demographic characteristics from 406 children with hearing loss and their caregivers when children were 3 years old.

The effect of color on the recognition and use of line drawings by children with severe intellectual disabilities

This study investigated the effect of color on the recognition and use of line drawings by young children with severe intellectual disabilities. The children had poor verbal comprehension and were beginning picture users.

The role of public procurement in improving accessibility to ICT

This paper outlines research on comparative analysis of the situation in Australia with public procurement policy in OECD countries.

Transport problems that matter – social and psychological links to transport disadvantage

This paper presents an analysis exploring self-reported measures of transport disadvantage and how these relate to social exclusion and well-being in Melbourne, Australia.

United Kingdom Life Opportunities Survey

This UK survey aims to identify the reasons why people with disability do not participate in the community as much as they would like. It also explores topics such as living standards, housing, discrimination and crime.

Using Intensive Interaction to add to the palette of interactive possibilities in teacher–pupil communication

This paper assesses the impact of introducing intensive interaction to the teaching of students with severe/profound intellectual disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders.

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