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What we do

The Centre for Applied Disability Research has been created to improve the wellbeing of Australians with disability by gathering insights, building understanding and sharing knowledge.

CADR’s applied research agenda is helping to build the evidence base and support stakeholders to better understand what works, for whom, under what circumstances and at what cost. Our particular interest is in quality services and supports delivered by a sustainable, diverse network of specialist disability service providers.

Developing research-mindedness through resources, news and events

People with disability need real choices to be available in order to exercise their rights. Real choices require a sustainable and diverse network of disability providers and suppliers, promoting quality services that are delivered on the basis of what works. Where we don’t know what works, CADR works with subject matter experts and people living with disability to fill the gaps so that the evidence base is ‘fit for purpose’ for the reforms underway.  

CADR is a hub for those seeking to collaborate. If you are undertaking research, you can send us your profile, work in progress and publications by accessing the 'Get Involved' section of the website. You can also search for registered subject matter experts. CADR aims to provide the opportunity to connect academic knowledge with life experience of people living with disability and better practice in the disability sector.

CADR can assist you to stay in touch with the latest disability research and evaluation findings from Australia and internationally. Subscribe to updates from our E-news service ‘Lines of Inquiry’.

CADR coordinates Research to Action events that bring together stakeholders interested in policy and practice, research and evaluation. Information about Research to Action events can be found on the NDS website.

The CADR Prospectus is available to read in PDF and WORD for more information about CADR.

A summary of CADR's current projects can be downloaded here in PDF and WORD.

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Research to Action Guides

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