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Reduction of secondary complications of spinal cord injury: bladder

This summary describes research investigating the mechanisms that increase the risk of people with spinal cord injury developing a urinary tract infection to identify potential interventions and preventative management approaches.

Developing and maintaining person centred active support with people with neurotrauma

This study sought to explore the application and effectiveness of delivering Active Support in supported accommodation services for people with neurotrauma.

Towards a holistic home modification process: 3 case studies

The goal of the study was to identify potential improvements to

home modification processes for with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.

“She's been involved in everything as far as I can see”: Supporting the active participation of people with intellectual disability in community groups

This study aimed to identify the nature and impact of the group processes on the active participation of people with intellectual disability.

Providing support for decision making to adults with intellectual disability: Perspectives of family members and workers in disability support services

This study aimed to understand the experiences of family members and disability support workers in providing support to adults with intellectual disability in Victoria, Australia.

Mainstream, Inclusionary, and Convivial Places: Locating Encounters Between People with and Without Intellectual Disabilities

This paper considers the question of what places are most conducive for convivial encounters between people with and without disabilities.

Health Education by Peers with Spinal Cord Injury: a Scoping Review

This scoping review explored existing evidence about the various types and content of health education programs involving peers, aimed at adults with spinal cord injuries.

Movement on Shifting Sands: Deinstitutionalisation and People with Intellectual Disability in Australia, 1974–2014

This article reviews four decades of deinstitutionalisation policies in three Australian states, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Mediating community participation: practice of support workers in initiating, facilitating or disrupting encounters between people with and without intellectual disability

Promoting community participation for people with intellectual disability through encounters with strangers is an integral part of the mission of disability support workers. This paper explores what makes some staff practices more effective than others in promoting positive encounters with strangers

Paperwork in group homes for people with intellectual disability

The aim of this study was to explore changes in paperwork over time in Victorian group homes.

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