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A guide to reducing and managing job stress for home care and support workers in the aged and disability sectors

This guide is about mitigating stressors and risks associated with providing paid care and support for older people or people with disability in their homes and the community.

The Psychosocial Health and Safety of Australian Home Care Workers: Risks and Solutions

This report describes the results of research on the psychosocial risks, or job stresses, experienced by Australian home-care workers in aged services and disability.

Audit of Disability Research in Australia Update Report 2017

This report assesses the nature and content of Australian disability research published since 2014, and how it has changed since the Audit undertaken in 2013.

19 stories of social inclusion: lessons from the lives of everyday Australians on belonging, disability and community contribution

This project explores what it means for people with disabilities to be “socially included”, and what it means to exercise the right to live independently and be included.

Communication access on trains: a qualitative exploration of the perspectives of passengers with communication disabilities

This study investigats the experiences of people with communication disabilities on a rail network in Victoria, Australia to identify the barriers they encountered.

Delivering decision making support to people with cognitive disability — What has been learned from pilot programs in Australia from 2010 to 2015

A critical review of a series of projects piloting various models of delivering decision making support to people with cognitive disability.

Conundrums of supported living: the experiences of people with intellectual disability

This study aims to identify how the potential of choice and control in supported living might be realised. The study identifies ways to improve support arrangements.

Improving Quality of Life Outcomes in Supported Accommodation for People with Intellectual Disability: What Makes a Difference?

This research is a realist review of the literature that addresses variables influencing quality of life outcomes in supported accommodation, and review the strength of supporting evidence for these.

The role of practice leadership in active support: impact of practice leaders’ presence in supported accommodation services

This study explores the differences in staff practice associated with the presence of a practice leader in a shared supported accommodation service.

Increasing day service staff capacity to facilitate positive relationships with people with severe intellectual disability: Evaluation of a new intervention using multiple baseline design

An evaluation of an educational intervention based on the social relationships model, designed to positively develop relationships between support staff and people with intellectual disability.

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