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Complex Support Needs Planning Guides

The UNSW Intellectual Disability Behaviour Support Program's two planning guides have been developed with and for people with cognitive impairment and complex support needs to assist them to engage in making plans.

Suicide prevention training outside the mental health service system: evaluation of a state-wide program in Australia for rehabilitation and disability staff in the field of traumatic brain injury

This paper describes an initiative to train rehabilitation and disability staff working in the field of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Prevalence, clinical features, and correlates of inappropriate sexual behavior after traumatic brain injury: a multicenter study

This study investigated the prevalence and clinical features of inappropriate sexual behavior (ISB) among a community-based cohort of clients of the New South Wales Brain Injury Rehabilitation program.

Suicide prevention training after traumatic brain injury: Evaluation of a staff training workshop.

This study evaluated a suicide prevention training workshop for staff working in the field of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The workshop was effective in increasing staff knowledge and skills.

Security design based on social and cultural practice: sharing of passwords

This paper examines the routine sharing of passwords for online banking among married and de facto couples, Aboriginal users and people with disability in Australia.

Enabling health reform

The federal government's health reform agenda says nothing about the disadvantages faced by people with an intellectual disability - despite Australia's international commitments. The Medicare Local system could help rectify this inequality.

A comparison of Malaysian and Australian speech-language pathologists' practices with children with developmental disabilities who are pre-symbolic

This study explores the assessment, intervention, and family-centred practices of Malaysian and Australian speech-language pathologists (SLPs) when working with children with developmental disabilities who are pre-symbolic.

Stroke: the increasing complexity of carer needs

This study examined the impact of the caring role on carers of stroke survivors in Australia.

Perceived stress, perceived social support, and wellbeing among mothers of school‐aged children with cerebral palsy

The study considers how severity of disability, perceived stress, and perceived social support impact on the wellbeing of a group of mothers caring for school‐aged children with cerebral palsy. Results showed that perceived stress and perceived social support significantly influenced wellbeing.

Factors associated with dental admissions for children aged under five years in Western Australia

This paper describes dental hospital admissions and associated factors in children under five years. A range of factors such as sex, location, having birth defects and being Indigenous influenced hospital admissions.

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Research to Action Guides

  • This Guide explores what the research evidence tells us makes a difference in group homes, and to the lives of people who live in them....
  • This Research to Action Guide promotes and supports best practice in inclusive research by providing a review of the evidence and strategies that ensure end-use...