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Women, disability and violence: Barriers to accessing justice: Final Report

This project, Women, disability and violence: Creating access

to justice, draws on the insights of 36 women living in New

South Wales and Victoria who outlined their experiences of

seeking justice and security in the context of violence that

they had experienced.

"Best for everyone concerned" or "only as a last resort"? Views of Australian doctors about sterilisation of men and women with intellectual disability

Background: Doctors have the potential to influence opportunities for normative life experiences in the area of sexuality for individuals with intellectual disability (ID). Method: In Study One,...

"Everything Has a Fucking Value': Negative Dialectics in the Work of Back to Back Theatre

Back to Back theatre is an Australian ensemble of actors perceived to have learning disabilities. Its international profile has advanced substantially in recent years following touring productions...

"He was learning to read, but he wasn't learning to live": Socially inclusive learning in a community setting

People with mental health problems, learning difficulties and poor literacy and numeracy are at risk of social exclusion, including homelessness. They are often disconnected from the formal...

"I have a good life": the meaning of well-being from the perspective of young adults with Down syndrome

PURPOSE: The purposes of this study were to explore what makes for a "good life" from the perspective of young adults with Down syndrome and to identify the barriers and facilitators to...

"I'm in their shoes": Experiences of peer educators in sexuality and relationship education

Background: Sexuality and relationship education for adults with an intellectual disability has failed to include them in roles other than as learners. This paper reports findings from a study of...

"It is like they just don't trust us" : balancing trust and control in the provision of disability and employment services

Executive Summary ;This research project provides an independent mid-term review of the new contracting ;arrangements introduced on 1 March 2010. In doing so, it takes up the question as to...

"Laughing with/at the Disabled": The Cultural Politics of Disability in Australian Universities

In 2007 the film-maker Michael Noonan embarked on a project initially entitled "Laughing at the Disabled" (a title then changed to "Laughing with the Disabled"), a collaboration between himself...

"My Attitude, My Responsibility" Investigating the Attitudes and Intentions of Pre-Service Teachers toward Inclusive Education between Teacher Preparation Cohorts in Melbourne and Pretoria

This study explored the attitudes and intentions of pre-service teachers towards inclusive education, across two teacher preparation institutions in Australia and South Africa. There were multiple...

"People like numbers": a descriptive study of cognitive assessment methods in clinical practice for Aboriginal Australians in the Northern Territory

TYPE_QUAL EPPI_SERVICES Background Achieving culturally fair assessments of cognitive functioning for Aboriginal people is difficult due to a scarcity of appropriately validated tools for use with...

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Research to Action Guides

  • A Guide for disability practitioners, schools, employers and young people looking to make the transition from school to employment in Australia....
  • The Culturally Proficient Service Delivery Research to Action Guide has been developed to assist in the provision of accessible, appropriate and effective disab...