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Literacy learning in the middle years for students with disabilities

Van Kraayenoord, C. E., Elkins, J., Palmer, C., Rickards, F., Colbert, P. J.,

Academic Literature


In this article, the authors discuss the literacy-related findings of a study 'Literacy, Numeracy and Students with Disabilities'. Although the study was undertaken in relation to primary school students the authors believe that the findings can be generalised to the literacy learning of students at the middle and secondary school levels. The article focuses on literacy provision and instructional practices. Inclusive education is discussed because this is a goal of several of Australia's policies in education. Literacy education for all students is well placed in this context. The authors then identify some of the characteristics of students with disabilities that determine many of their individual needs in literacy learning. Key findings related to the literacy achievement of students with disabilities is summarised and factors that influence students' literacy achievement are discussed. Finally, school and classroom factors that assist schools and teachers to provide education.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Literacy Learning: The Middle Years

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Education

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