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The lived experience of art making as a companion to the mental health recovery process

Van Lith, T., Fenner, P., Schofield, M.,

Academic Literature


This study explored mental health consumers' lived experiences of art making within psychosocial rehabilitation services and their views on how art making supports mental health recovery. Interviews were conducted with 18 participants who attended art-based programs services in Victoria, Australia. Participants described art making as a transformative activity which enabled them to take greater control of their lives, resulting in feeling stronger, more confident, and more capable of driving their journey of recovery. The art product also served valuable roles in supporting their recovery. Art making is a highly valued activity by consumers, who suggest that innovative and strengths-based methods, such as art making, can facilitate recovery and self-expression. A key challenge for the field is to determine how such methods can be better integrated into mental health service delivery.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Disability and Rehabilitation

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Health and wellbeing

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