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A special court for special cases

Walsh, Tamara,

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The Special Circumstances Court is a special court for defendants experiencing potential or actual homelessness or impaired decision-making capacity located in Brisbane Magistrates Court. The mission statement and goals of the court as well as eligibility of defendants is established. The options that the Magistrate may pursue in regards to adjourning, granting bail, sentencing or diverting the defendant are identified. The context of the Court is discussed in context to the development of problem-solving courts and therapeutic jurisprudence literature, with criticisms being presented regarding this movement. How the Special Circumstances Court came to exist is further elaborated on. The comments of defendants and professionals who work within the Court are presented as to whether they perceived the Court to be effective, and whether the principles of the Court could or should be incorporated into the mainstream adversarial system.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration report

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Community and civic participation, Housing and the built environment

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