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Access to mental health services in Victoria: A focus on ethnic communities

Stolk, Y., Minas, H., Klimidis, S.,

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Past research in Victoria has shown that ethnic communities have consistently lower rates of access to public community and inpatient mental health services. They tend to have a higher proportion of involuntary admissions. A higher proportions of them are diagnosed with a psychosis, relative to the Australian-born. The aim of the current study was to investigate whether disparities in access and treatment for ethnic communities in Victoria had changed over a decade with the introduction of interventions designed to improve culturally sensitive practice in mental health services, and ethnic communities’ awareness of treatment and support available from mental health services. Analyses were undertaken of 2001 Census data and of Victorian community mental health and acute inpatient case registers for 2004/05.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit Report

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Community and civic participation, Health and wellbeing

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