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Addressing the barriers to accessing therapy services in rural and remote areas

Dew, Angela, Bulkeley, Kim, Veitch, Craig, Bundy, Anita, Gallego, Gisselle, Lincoln, Michelle

Academic Literature


This paper draws on information gathered from carers and adults with a disability living in a rural area in New South Wales (NSW), Australia to determine the extent to which people living in rural areas may receive a person-centred therapy service.

As part of a larger study in rural NSW into the delivery of therapy services, focus groups and individual interviews were conducted with 78 carers and 10 adults with a disability. Data were analysed using constant comparison and thematic analysis. Results: Three related themes emerged: (i) travelling to access therapy; (ii) waiting a long time to get therapy; and (iii) limited access to therapy past early childhood. The themes overlaid the problems of recruiting and retaining sufficient therapists to work in rural areas.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Disability and Rehabilitation

Location : International

Domain/s: Community and civic participation, Transport and communication

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