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Individual funding: Building community capacity through action research

Christiane Purcal, Ngila Bevan, Karen R. Fisher, Ariella Meltzer, Sam Cooper, Melissa Wong

Published Literature


The Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW partnered with People with Disability Australia and the Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University, to investigate people with disabilities’ experiences in managing the transition to self-directed disability support. Participants in the research included people with disability, families and carers, and support providers.

The project had an action-research focus, with the small group work having a dual goal of providing peer-support to participants while also providing data for the research via the group facilitator.

Findings of the research indicated that people with self-directed supports felt they had a greater amount of choice and control compared to people who had support packages from service providers. Inflexibility in support provision, lack of suitable services, and a lack of access to mainstream infrastructure (e.g. transport systems), was reported to limit choices and activities.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Social Policy Research Centre UNSW

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Community and civic participation, Sector development and sustainability

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