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Community and civic participation

Evaluation of the Independent Review of a Major Life Decision Affecting People Who Have an Intellectual Disability

This study was undertaken to contribute to that debate and further understanding of the roles and processes of the Intellectual Disability Review Panel.

Evaluation of the self managed model in the community participation program

This paper assesses the extent of the effectiveness of the Self Managed Model (SMM), one of three Community Participation service models.

Everyday practices of exclusion/inclusion: women who have an intellectual disability speaking for themselves?

In this study, women with an intellectual disability spoke about their issues. The women reported that the women experienced practices of social and emotional exclusion, and inclusion, in their everyday lives.

Fixing the system? The experience of service users of the quasi‐market in disability services in Australia

This paper showed that despite market reforms, service delivery for people with disabilities did not improve. Service users experienced inadequate service supply, service cutbacks, and an increased emphasis on cost subsidisation and assessment processes.

Google Calendar: using technology to increase independence in traumatic brain injury survivors

This research summary provides an overview of a study that investigated the use of Google Calendar to improve independence for clients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury

Growth in a 'new world': Case studies of peer leader experiences in the STEPS program for people with acquired brain injury

The Skills To Enable People and Communities (STEPS) Program is a support program for individuals with acquired bran injury (ACI). This article seeks to explore the experiences of peer leaders within the program.

Having their say: email interviews for research data collection with people who have verbal communication impairment

This article seeks to explore alternative forms of communication between investigators and participants in research data collection.

Health actions prompted by health assessments for people with intellectual disability exceed actions recorded in general practitioners' records

People with intellectual disability experience inadequate health care and have unmet health needs that can go unidentified or be poorly managed. Health assessments have been shown to significantly...

Health service experiences to address mobility decline in ambulant adults ageing with cerebral palsy

Background Adults ageing with a disability need lifelong access to health services to meet their changing needs. This study aimed to explore in depth the experience and impact of health service...

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