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Community and civic participation

Mainstream, Inclusionary, and Convivial Places: Locating Encounters Between People with and Without Intellectual Disabilities

This paper considers the question of what places are most conducive for convivial encounters between people with and without disabilities.

Measuring outcomes in community care: an exploratory study

The project developed an outcomes assessment and measurement framework for use in community care. The aim was to build routine systems for measuring outcomes of community care and the degree to which goals are met.

Media Access Australia

Media Access Australia reports on social media tools for people with disability, their accessibility issues, and how best to overcome accessibility challenges using a variety of web and mobile solutions.

MERRC-TAC Linkage Report: Identifying different patterns of outcomes and their predictors

An international collaboration identifying community participation outcomes for people following traumatic brain injury.

My life as a budget item: disability, budget priorities and poverty in Tasmania

This study explored the circumstances of Tasmanians with disabilities of working age living on low incomes in 2005-06.

Older disabled workers' perceptions of volunteering

The aim of this study was to explore how older workers within supported employment settings perceived the opportunities for and barriers to volunteering.

Outcomes of participation objective, participation subjective (POPS) measure following traumatic brain injury

This article aims to investigate the participation of adults living with traumatic brain injury in regional and rural NSW as measured by the Participation Objective Participation Subjective (POPS) measure.

Peer-to-Peer Value Through Social Capital in an Online Motor Neuron Disease Community

Millions of people affected by disability or chronic disease access social support and information through online health communities. This article seeks to observe a community of people affected by motor neuron disease creating value for themselves and each other within an online health community.

People with intellectual and other cognitive disability in the criminal justice system

This report outlines the key findings of a research project on individuals whose mental health disorders and cognitive disability (MHDCD) diagnoses

are known and have been in prison.

People with intellectual and other cognitive disability in the criminal justice system

People with intellectual and other cognitive disability in the criminal justice system

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