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Community and civic participation

Research Article | January 2012 Initial Development of the Health Promoting Activities Scale to Measure the Leisure Participation of Mothers of Children With Disabilities

This articles evaluates the Health Promoting Activities Scale (HPAS) as a psychometric tool to measure the frequency with which mothers participate in self-selected leisure activities that promote health and well-being.

Responding to serious and complex mental health problems in youth: The role of an interagency forum

This article seeks to review the origins, processes, clientele and outcomes of a child and youth interagency forum,

Sentencing offenders with impaired mental functioning: Developing Australia's “most sophisticated and subtle” analysis

The Victorian Court of Appeal decision in R v Verdins (2007) 16 VR 269 was an important verdict as it relates to offenders with mental problems. Since then the laws have changed. This article examines these developments and identifies some gaps in this regards.

Sharing Good Practices: Teenage Girls, Sport, and Physical Activities

This study identified three factors that help to increase girls' (who have a disability) participation in sports. The three factors were design the program for specific target group needs, ensure senior management support, and collaborate with other agencies.

Social Action Partners Peer support for children and young people with intellectual disability and their families in Victoria - Project plan

The project will establish local peer support groups of children and young people with intellectual disability and their families in Victoria. These groups will conduct action research about their experiences with self-directed disability support.

Southern Bodies and Disability: re-thinking concepts

This article argues that Impairment has to be understood in the context of the violence of colonisation and neocolonial power.

Sport and Physical Recreation Participation Among Persons with a Disability

This paper reports on the participation and non-participation levels of people with a disability or

long term health condition (LTC) in sport and physical recreation.

Sub minimum wage for persons with severe disabilities: Comparative perspectives

This article provides a cross-country analysis of sub-minimum wage policies.

Surviving the assault? The Australian disability movement and the neoliberal workfare state

This article analyses the key areas of struggle for the Australian disability movement during the times of Howard government.

Teaching Students with Disabilities: A Web-Based Examination of Preparation of Preservice Primary School Teachers

This paper reviews primary undergraduate teacher preparation courses in Australian tertiary institutions. The analysis shows that only a few units were aimed at promoting positive attitudes to people with disabilities.

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