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Community and civic participation

Self Advocacy Online

A USA based website that links individuals with intellectual or learning disabilities with information and research about self advocacy.

Sentencing offenders with impaired mental functioning: Developing Australia's “most sophisticated and subtle” analysis

The Victorian Court of Appeal decision in R v Verdins (2007) 16 VR 269 was an important verdict as it relates to offenders with mental problems. Since then the laws have changed. This article examines these developments and identifies some gaps in this regards.

Space, place and relationships: Understanding connectedness and belonging for young people with cognitive disability in regional communities

This inclusive research project asked young people what helps them to feel like they belong with and are connected to their communities.

Special Schooling for Indigenous Students: A New Form of Racial Discrimination?

This paper asks whether systemic racism, which fails to perceive cultural differences between the ethos of Australian educational systems and the experiences and abilities of Indigenous students, is the catalyst for placing many Indigenous students in special schooling, away from the mainstream.

Sport and Physical Recreation Participation Among Persons with a Disability

This paper reports on the participation and non-participation levels of people with a disability or

long term health condition (LTC) in sport and physical recreation.

Strategies used by older women with intellectual disability to create and maintain their social networks: An exploratory qualitative study

Introduction. Social networks are important to health and wellbeing, and enhancing social networks are key occupations for older people.

Subjective Quality of Life of Women with Intellectual Disabilities: The Role of Perceived Control over their Own Life in Self‐determined Behaviour

This paper examines the experiences of women with an intellectual disability. 55 Women with intellectual disabilities were interviewed. They perceived that had lacked control over their lives.

Surviving the assault? The Australian disability movement and the neoliberal workfare state

This article analyses the key areas of struggle for the Australian disability movement during the times of Howard government.

The Assistance to Participate Scale to measure play and leisure support for children with developmental disability: update following Rasch analysis

The aim of this current study was evaluate the psychometric properties of the The Assistance to Participate Scale (APS), which measures the primary carer's estimate of the amount of assistance that their school-aged child with a disability requires to participate in play and leisure activities.

The challenge of implementing state disability policy to achieve second generation rights for people with disabilities

This paper draws on the policy implementation literature and uses the Victorian State Disability Plan as an exemplar to explore the tasks, obstacles, tensions and conflicts of implementing disability policy.

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