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Community and civic participation

Transitions onto the age pension an analysis of FaCS longitudinal administrative data

This report was prepared for the Department of Family and Community Services to assist in the assessment of policy options to encourage employment and self-sufficiency among people aged 50 or more.

Transport problems that matter – social and psychological links to transport disadvantage

This paper presents an analysis exploring self-reported measures of transport disadvantage and how these relate to social exclusion and well-being in Melbourne, Australia.

UN decision on Marlon Noble case: Imprisonment of an aboriginal man with intellectual disability found unfit to stand trial in Western Australia

On 23 September 2016, the United Nations (UN) Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities found that the Australian government had breached its obligations under the UN Convention on the...

Understanding Disability: An Analysis of the Influence of the Social Model of Disability in the Drafting of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld) and in Its Interpretation and Application

This article analyses the limit of Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld) as a tool towards delivery of equality of opportunity in education to people with disabilities.

Understanding the social costs of psychosis: The experience of adults affected by psychosis identified within the second Australian national survey of psychosis

This study examines the impact of psychosis on an individual’s social and community participation. Social integration increases both mental and social well-being.

Using photovoice to listen to adults with intellectual disabilities on being part of the community

Imagine if you were offered a glance through the lens of a very unique photographer: a member of your community who has an intellectual or developmental disability (ID/DD). A community-based...


Voluntas is an important peer-reviewed (ISI rated) social science journal, published bi-monthly, that focuses on civil society, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector in ways that are inter-disciplinary, international, and comparative.

Voting with an 'unsound mind'? A comparative study of the voting rights of persons with mental disabilities

People with actual or assumed impaired decision making capacity have been marginalised from debates over systems of voting.

We couldn't function without volunteers': volunteering with a disability, the perspective of not-for-profit agencies

The aim of this study was to explore the views of volunteer coordinators in not-for-profit organisations concerning people with long-standing disability as volunteers.

Website accessibility in Western Australian public libraries

This article provides a summation of the research conducted into the accessibility of public library websites in Western Australia.

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Research to Action Guides

  • A Guide for disability practitioners, schools, employers and young people looking to make the transition from school to employment in Australia....
  • The Culturally Proficient Service Delivery Research to Action Guide has been developed to assist in the provision of accessible, appropriate and effective disab...