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Community and civic participation

Educating Oneself out of Social Exclusion. Research Report

This research builds a multi-dimensional measure of social exclusion comprising: material resources; employment; education and skills; health and disability; social interactions; community; and personal safety.

Enabling justice: a report on the problems and solutions in relation to diversion of alleged offenders with intellectual disability from the New South Wales local courts system

This report focuses on people with intellectual disabilities and the high proportion of them who come into contact with the criminal justice system.

Environmental factors that influence the community participation of adults with aphasia: The perspective of service industry workers

This study aimed to identify barriers and facilitators to community participation for adults with aphasia from the perspective of service industry workers.

Evaluation of ABILITY LINKS NSW and EARLY LINKS NSW: Thematic Analysis

As part of the process of implementation for Ability Links NSW (ALNSW) and Early Links NSW growth positions in the Hunter area, Linkers,

Evaluation of the expansion of the self managed model in the community participation program

This paper evaluates the 2009 expansion of the Self

Managed Model (SMM) of the Community Participation Program. The evaluation

explored any issues in the roll-out of the initiative, and compared service users’ and

families’ satisfaction with the model to that in April 2009.

Evaluation of the self managed model in the community participation program

This paper assesses the extent of the effectiveness of the Self Managed Model (SMM), one of three Community Participation service models.

General Social Survey: Summary Results, Australia, 2014

This is a summary of findings which provides a snapshot of the data collected in the 2014 General Social Survey. The findings present how Australia has progressed on aspects of social capital such as participation, support, feelings of safety and trust.

Handicap International

Handicap International is an independent charity working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster.

Having their say: email interviews for research data collection with people who have verbal communication impairment

This article seeks to explore alternative forms of communication between investigators and participants in research data collection.

Health care service provision for country people with developmental disability: An Australian perspective

This article seeks to explore the priorities in the delivery of health care to people in rural towns with developmental disabilities. Overall, a lack of access to primary health care providers, discriminatory practices and a lack of communication was found.

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