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Economic participation

A conceptual approach to the work, leisure and retirement education of adults with an intellectual disability

The present study looked at using a conceptual approach to improve education in three domains: work, leisure and retirement.

A new mentorship model: Towards ares employment and social inclusion for people with disability

This report evaluates the year-long multi-partnered project and exhibition called HERE&NOW13, which developed artistic skills and social inclusion of artists with disability.

A scan of disadvantage in Queensland 2010

The report demonstrates that disadvantage persists in Queensland and that responses to disadvantage need to address the spatial patterns that are evident. Some people experiencing multiple indicators of disadvantage live in areas where this experience is more widespread.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability: wellbeing, participation and support

This report explores the experience of Indigenous people with disability compared with Indigenous people without disability and all Australians with similar severity of disability.

Adapting Advanced Information Technology Network Training for Adults with Visual Impairments

This paper provides an overview on the qualifications and training for people who are visually impaired with technological skills to develop a career in information technology (IT).

An inclusive research approach to exploring the experiences of people with intellectual disabilities at work

This paper adopts an inclusive research approach to explore the experiences of people with intellectual disabilities at work.

Applying SDAC 2009 to the OECD integration scenario for disability employment: [Survey of Ageing, Disability and Carers (SDAC)]

The paper analyses data from the 2009 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Survey of Ageing, Disability and Carers (SDAC) to estimate the proportion of Australians with disability and an employment restriction who are not in the labour force and who want to work.

Australian Social Trends, March 2012

Australian Social Trends draws on a wide range of data, sourced both from ABS and other agencies, to present a picture of Australian society. This issue covers areas including households with lower socio-economic statues, homelessness, love and marriage and disability and work.

Can employment positively affect the recovery of people with psychiatric disabilities?

This study explored the relationship between employment and recovery in individuals with psychiatric disabilities and proposed that participants who were employed would have higher levels of recovery than participants who were not employed.

Characteristics of Disability Support Pension customers, June 2004

This paper provides information on the characteristics of Disability Support Pension Customers.

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