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Adapting Advanced Information Technology Network Training for Adults with Visual Impairments

Armstrong, Helen L., Murray, Iain D.,

Academic Literature


The employment of visually impaired workers in information technology (IT) support has rarely been considered a viable career choice because computers are vision driven and the person who is visually impaired would have difficulty seeing a computer screen to diagnose and fix any problem. However, users on business networks constantly request assistance from computer network professionals via an IT help desk. People who are visually impaired with technological skills are well suited to this help-desk role. Research has shown that accessible e-learning environments can be developed to assist adults with visual impairments achieve industry-standard qualifications in IT networking. Industry-standard qualifications are certifications offered by industry leaders in their fields, such as Cisco and Microsoft.Cisco training, in particular, provides skills and knowledge for people who are visually impaired to maintain any computer network—the networks in their offices as well as in their homes.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

Location : International

Domain/s: Education, Economic participation

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