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Assessing financial competence

Webber, L. S., Reeve, R. A., Kershaw, M. M., Charlton, J. L.,

Academic Literature


Some people have cognitive impairments that may reduce their capacity to manage their own financial affairs. The legal decision to limit a person's right to manage his or her own finances depends, in part, on an assessment of financial competence. Currently, tribunals and courts may receive information from a variety of different sources (e.g., family members, general practitioner, psychologist, social worker etc.) and have to reconcile this information in order to make guardianship decisions. The first aim of this article is to critique contemporary methods, procedures and practices for assessing financial competence. The second aim is to suggest a standard assessment framework that could be employed by tribunals and courts to help them evaluate the status of a person's financial competence.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Economic participation

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