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Communication restrictions - The experience of people with a disability in the community

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare,

Published Literature


Communication is a basic human

activity and need, and a key

element in social participation.

Communication is one of the three

‘core activities’ in the ABS Survey of

Disability, Ageing and Carers—the

other two being self-care and

mobility. The need for assistance

with any one of these three areas

defines the ABS notion of ‘severe or

profound core activity restriction’. it is of great interest

to describe more fully the outcomes

for this smaller but important

group, especially in view of the

finding that, among people

receiving disability support

services, effective spoken

communication is closely related to

the need for other supports,

such as assistance with

self-care. Hence, this data briefing explores the

relationship between

communication restrictions and

other outcomes for people with a


Publication information

Journal/Publication : Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Education, Economic participation, Transport and communication

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