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Competition Policy Review: Final Report, March 2015

Ian, Harper, Peter, Anderson, Su, McCluskey

Published Literature


This is our Final Report reviewing Australia’s competition policy, laws and institutions. The report examined a wide range of areas including human services.

It noted that "in the area of human services, the Panel recommends that:

• user choice should be placed at the heart of service delivery;

• governments should retain a stewardship function, separating the interests of policy (including

funding), regulation and service delivery;

• governments commissioning human services should do so carefully, with a clear focus on


• a diversity of providers should be encouraged, while taking care not to crowd out community

and volunteer services; and

• innovation in service provision should be stimulated, while ensuring minimum standards of

quality and access in human services...."

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Commonwealth of Australia

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Economic participation, Sector development and sustainability

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