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Economic participation

NDIS Costs and the 2014 Federal Budget

Presentation by Richard Madden, Centre for Disability Research and Policy, University of Sydney to the 2014 CADR Research to Action Conference, Sydney.

Negative events, positive outcomes: Improving labour force outcomes via tertiary study for individuals with disability and chronic illness

Workers with a disability experience significant challenges in the workplace where individuals are evaluated based on characteristics that are not relevant to their work. Therefore, they tend to pursue further studies to achieve improved labour market outcomes.

Non-electronic communication aids for people with complex communication needs

This article seeks to explore non-electronic communication aids as one form of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for people with complex communication needs. Overall it was found that much research and funding was focused on electronic aids, despite the high demand for non electronic.

Redefining Welfare: Australian Social Policy and Practice

The present paper outlines and analyzes Australia’s welfare reform policies as they have been implemented over the past decade.

Rural and Remote Disability Employment Assistance Study

This report identified funding principles to enable innovation in disability employment assistance service provision in remote and rural areas.

Sign Language Users’ Education and Employment Levels: Keeping Pace with Changes in the General Australian Population?

This article compares the educational and employment outcomes between sign language users and the general population. A gap exists between these two groups, although the gap has been closing over the decades. Educational reforms have contributed to the positive change.

Snapshot of flexible funding outcomes in four countries

This article seeks to review outcomes for several flexible funding programmes.

Social disadvantage and individual vulnerability: A longitudinal investigation of welfare receipt and mental health in Australia

This article seeks to examine the relationship between welfare receipt and mental health among working-age Australians.

Social security law: what does the politics of ‘conditional welfare’ mean for review and client representation?

This paper reflects on aspects of the meaning of new social security as ‘conditional welfare’ (such as welfare quarantining) and its implications for client rights, advocacy and public policy accountability.

Students with a Hearing Loss in VET in Australia: A Statistical Snapshot. Support Document

This study identifies and evaluates the pathways available from school to vocational education and training and to work, for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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