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Economic participation

Disability, poverty and living standards: reviewing Australian evidence and policies

Despite its policy significance, the impact of disability has not featured prominently in the Australian empirical literature on household incomes and living standards.

Disconnected expectations: Staff, family, and supported employee perspectives about retirement

This study aimed to identify the possibilities and barriers to retirement for older employees in supported employment services.

Dynamic properties of income support receipt in Australia

This paper examines properties of income support receipt and the personal characteristics associated with alternative patterns of receipt. Churning (commencing a new income support spell) and transferring (movement from one payment type to another) are significant features.

Economic study of muscular dystrophy: Executive summary

This study aimed to canvass the experiences of people with muscular dystrophy in relation to the nexus between MD, employment and cost impacts, including barriers and facilitators in job searching processes and in obtaining needed supports.

Employer satisfaction, job-match and future hiring intentions for employees with a disability

This paper discusses the relationships between employer satisfaction, and employer perceptions of job-match and future hiring intentions toward people who have a disability.

Enhancing community mental health services through formal partnerships with supported employment providers

A more recovery and social inclusion-oriented approach can ensure a more efficient use of public funds. Efficiency can be achieved through the implementation of evidence-based practices in supported employment by integrating employment services with community-based treatment and care.

Evaluation of the Australian Disability Enterprise Transition to Retirement Pilot

This report presents the findings of an independent evaluation of a small-scale pilot of

transition to retirement for older employees with disabilities of two Australian

Disability Enterprises (ADEs) operating in regional and rural Australia.

Field of study and employment outcomes: an analysis of TAFE graduates

This paper assesses the employment outcomes of TAFE graduates. Graduates with a disability are less likely than others to be employed. Higher-level qualifications result in better job prospects.

Health and functional capacity -- Capturing capability limitations in measures of health

This paper explores which measures of health accurately reflect the functional capabilities of individuals – that is, in what measures of health do those classified as having poorer health actually have poorer functional outcomes.

High Growth Jobs, Talented Candidates Early learnings

Statistics show that labour force participation rates for people with disability haven't improved in the last 20 years.

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