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Economic participation

Housing assistance in Australia 2011

Housing assistance in Australia 2011 is a compendium style publication which provides readers with information about housing assistance in each segment of the housing sector: government, not-for-profit and the private sector.

Housing for Young People in Nursing Homes: A Report from a Social Finance Think Tank

This report highlights a range of financing strategies that may be used to develop the scale of housing required to solve the issue of young people in nursing homes in Australia.

Investigating the importance of various individual, interpersonal, organisational and demographic variables when predicting job burnout in disability support workers

This study identified factors contributing to burnout among disability support workers. Some key factors were challenging behaviour, workload, supervisor support, work-home conflict, role ambiguity and so on.

Labour force characteristics of people with a disability

This article uses information from the 2003 and 1998 Surveys of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC) to analyse the labour force characteristics of people with a disability.

Labour market conditions, labour force activity and prevalence of psychiatric disorders

This paper examined whether market conditions influenced labour force activity among people with mental disorders. Overall, results showed that labour force participation increased in response to greater labour demand. The paper calls for effective policies for improving access to employment.

Labour market decisions of Australian families coping with mental and physical disabilities

This paper shows that having a disability has implications for labour market participation. The presence of a mentally disabled family member increased the value of unpaid work of others in the home and reduced their propensity to participate in the labour force.

Living on the Disability Support Pension', Research Report

This report was commissioned by the National Welfare Rights Network about the experiences of people living on the Disability Support Pension.

Mental Health Problems, Disability and Income Support Receipt: A Replication and Extension Using the HILDA Survey

This article uses data from the first wave of the HILDA Survey to replicate and extend previous research demonstrating the elevated prevalence of mental disorders among different groups of Australian income support recipients.

Mental illness and its effects on labour market outcomes

This paper examines the impact of mental illness on all stages of labour market engagement, including lower rates of participation in the labour market, higher rates of unemployment and employment in low-skill or low-earning occupations relative to qualifications.

Methods to address requirements for changes in fun

The objective of this project is to provide advice on appropriate indexation and demand factors for Commonwealth funding to the States via the Commonwealth State Disability Agreement (CSDA).

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