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A history of Learning Difficulties Australia : part six – looking ahead

Jenkinson, J. C.,

Academic Literature


This is the final in a series of articles tracing the history of Learning Difficulties Australia since the late 1960s, and covers the decade beginning in the mid‐1990s. This decade has seen increasing professionalisation of the association through adoption and implementation of a Strategic Plan, more rigorous administrative procedures, a strengthening of nation‐wide ties through interstate conferences and election of interstate Council members, and a change of name. The regular program of professional development has been maintained, as has the Consultants’ Referral Service, with the introduction of a similar service in Queensland. Increased involvement of academic researchers in the association is reflected in greater pressure on specialist educators to employ research‐based methods in the teaching of early reading. The association has continued to lobby for greater support for students with learning difficulties.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Education

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