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Inclusion in Australia: What Teachers Say They Need and What School Psychologists Can Offer

Anderson Colin, J. K., Klassen Robert, M., Georgiou George, K.,


This article examines the inclusion-related beliefs and perceived needs of primary teachers in Australia, and proposes ways that school psychologists can help meet these needs. Forced-choice and open-ended survey questions provided quantitative and qualitative data from 162 primary school teachers who were in the midst of implementing an inclusive education program in a large urban/suburban education district in Western Australia. Survey questions focused on beliefs about inclusion, confidence about implementing inclusive practices and attitudes about current and necessary support structures. The majority of teachers perceive benefits as well as drawbacks to teaching in inclusive classrooms. Only 10 percent of teachers noted school psychologists as part of structures that successfully support inclusive practices We conclude that school psychologists need to be more proactive and involved in providing training, disseminating research and advocating for teachers.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : School Psychology International

Location : International

Domain/s: Community and civic participation, Education

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