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Barriers and enablers to the use of evidence based practice (EBP) by speech pathologists working for Ageing Disability and Home Care (NSW)

The aim of this research project was to determine the attitudes of speech pathologists in Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) towards Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and provide training to help facilitate its use in everyday practice.

Brief Report: An Evaluation of an Australian Autism-Specific, Early Intervention Programme

There is a relative paucity of evidence examining the effectiveness of early intervention for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, in particular those delivered through...

Building a Model of Support for Preschool Children with Speech and Language Disorders

Speech and language disorders impede young children's abilities to communicate and are often associated with a number of behavioural problems arising in the preschool classroom. This paper reports...

Building access for people with intellectual disability, dubious past, uncertain future

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to report on the under-representation of people with intellectual disability (ID) in Australian building guidelines. It presents a view about causes of this...

Can Findings from Randomized Controlled Trials of Social Skills Training in Autism Spectrum Disorder Be Generalized? The Neglected Dimension of External Validity

Systematic reviews have traditionally focused on internal validity, while external validity often has been overlooked. In this study, we systematically reviewed determinants of external validity...

Can questions about social interaction correctly identify preschool aged children with autism?

The assessment of social development (SIQ) may assist in early identification of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This paper stresses the need for the evaluation of the SIQ at the point of entry to a clinical service.

Case Management for Children and Adolescents with Acquired Brain Injury in Community Settings: A Scoping Review

Background: Acquired brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability in children after infancy. Childhood brain injury has long-term consequences for children and parents, including...

Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place: Disruptive Boys' Views on Mainstream and Special Schools in New South Wales, Australia

Students with disruptive behaviour in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) are increasingly being educated in separate "behaviour" schools. There is however surprisingly little research...

Centre for Disability Research (CeDR), Lancaster University, UK

The Centre for Disability Research (CeDR) is a specialist research grouping that promotes and conducts high quality interdisciplinary research and research-led teaching about disability.

Changing student teachers’ attitudes towards disability and inclusion

The study illustrated the value of combining information‐based instruction with structured fieldwork experiences in changing attitudes towards disability and inclusion.

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Research to Action Guides

  • A Guide for disability practitioners, schools, employers and young people looking to make the transition from school to employment in Australia....
  • The Culturally Proficient Service Delivery Research to Action Guide has been developed to assist in the provision of accessible, appropriate and effective disab...