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Insights into the School Reporting Policies Across Australia for Students with Special Needs

This paper reviews the different reporting policies across Australia states and territories for students with special needs.

iPadiCan: Trialling iPads to support primary and secondary students with disabilities

This study investigated the possible role of iPads in supporting learning for primary and secondary school students with disabilities. It argued that iPads can be used as a useful educational device in classrooms.

Is there a link between hearing aid use, employment, and income?

This paper examines patterns in hearing aid use by congenitally deaf individuals. The use of hearing aid varied by age and location. The study found that there was no difference in hearing aid use by gender or employment status. Low use was linked to the government policy.

Issues and trends for students with disability: review of NCSEHE-funded research

This review focuses on identifying detailed characteristics and national statistics pertaining to higher education students with disability and presenting key research findings, recommendations and future directions for further research regarding equity of students with disability.

It’s an absolute nightmare: maternal experiences of enrolling children diagnosed with autism in primary school in Sydney, Australia

This article seeks to analyse maternal narratives of informal school exclusion at the point of transition into primary school.

Learning for Purpose Researching the Social Return

The Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector performs a vital function in Australian society supporting those in need and making a positive difference to the lives of the people and the communities it serves.

Literacy learning in the middle years for students with disabilities

This paper discusses some of the characteristics of students with disability and their learning needs. It identified some factors that influence their literacy learning.

Literacy skills of adults with intellectual disabilities in two community‐based day programs

The study provides information about the current literacy levels of adults with intellectual disabilities. The study findings have implications for designing better educational programmes for this group.

Making special schools ordinary: Is this inspirational or confused thinking?

Special schools in South Australia were encouraged to use the same basic secondary curriculum frameworks used by mainstream schools. This article reports on teachers' perceptions of benefits in using such an approach.

Media Access Australia

Media Access Australia reports on social media tools for people with disability, their accessibility issues, and how best to overcome accessibility challenges using a variety of web and mobile solutions.

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