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Chicago Center for Disability Research

IDHD/DHD fosters strong community connections through its model demonstration programs, academic programs, and research centers. IDHD/DHD is dedicated to the scholarly, interdisciplinary study of disability and related aspects of human development.

Child & Family Social Work

This journal publishes contributions on matters of research, theory, policy and practice in the field of social work with children and their families.

Children and Young People with Disability Australia Education Survey 2016

The results of a 2016 national survey on the education experiences of 1396 students with disability.

Children with disabilities in child and family welfare services

There is a lack of research data about children with disabilities across the range of child and family welfare services. The study reported in this paper explored the extent and nature of...

Co-occurring mental disorder and intellectual disability in a large sample of Australian prisoners

OBJECTIVE: Prisoners with intellectual disability who have a coexisting mental health issue often have unmet health needs and are more likely to reoffend than those with intellectual disability...

Cognitive-behavioural Approaches for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Teacher Survey

This study provided an investigation of the knowledge, implementation and perspectives of Australian teachers of students with autism spectrum disorder regarding cognitive-behavioural approaches,...

Community participation for girls and women living with Rett syndrome

OBJECTIVE: To describe the relationships between impairment and contextual factors and community participation for girls and women with Rett syndrome.;METHODS: Data was collected from a...

Comparative expectations of teachers and parents with regard to memory skills in children with intellectual disabilities

This is a survey study exploring the expectations of teachers and parents on the memory skills of children with intellectual disabilities (ID).

Comparison of social circumstances, substance use and substance-related harm in soon-to-be-released prisoners with and without intellectual disability

BACKGROUND: The transition out of prison is likely to be a challenging time for prisoners with intellectual disability (ID). However, little evidence exists to inform interventions for people with...

Complementary contribution of parents and therapists in the assessment process of children

Background/aim: Traditional developmental models assume that the underlying capacities of children contribute to their participation. In this framework, preschoolers who are referred for...

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Research to Action Guides

  • A Guide for disability practitioners, schools, employers and young people looking to make the transition from school to employment in Australia....
  • The Culturally Proficient Service Delivery Research to Action Guide has been developed to assist in the provision of accessible, appropriate and effective disab...