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National Institute of Intellectual Disability, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

The National Institute for Intellectual Disability (NIID) is one of Trinity College Dublin's most innovative initiatives. Its mission is promoting inclusion for people with intellectual disability through education, research and advocacy.

National test performance of young Australian children with additional educational needs

This paper discusses the national test participation and performance of young Australian children with additional educational needs.

Outcomes of children with mild-profound congenital hearing loss at 7 to 8 years: A population study

Cognitive, linguistic, social and behavioural development of children with hearing-loss were assessed as part of a large study. Children with hearing-loss developed reading and language skills later than others. However, there was no significant difference regarding adaptive functioning and health.

Parents’ perspectives on the communication skills of their children with severe disabilities

This study explored parents' perspectives on the communication skills of their children with severe disabilities.

Peer-mediated teaching and augmentative and alternative communication for preschool-aged children with autism

This study examined the effectiveness of two communication interventions for preschool-aged children with autism. Results showed evidence of the interventions.

People with a disability in vocational education and training: a statistical compendium

This statistical compendium has been produced to aid planning and strategy development in vocational educational training (VET), as well as to identify gaps in the available data.

Performance Audit: Supporting students with disability in NSW public schools

This audit examines how well the NSW Department of Education is managing and supporting teachers and students with disability in the transition to school.

Perspectives on Education and Training: Social Inclusion, 2009

This article assesses barriers to participation in education for 'at risk' groups, such as people who have a mental illness or disability, people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, and people from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Phonological awareness skills in young boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

This study compared the reading abilities of children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) with those of typically developing children. The results showed that the children with DMD performed poorer on ability tests than other children. Thus the former group require phonological training.

Picture-book reading as an intervention to teach the use of line drawings for communication with students with severe intellectual disabilities

This study reports on a group intervention using a semiscripted book reading routine implemented by a teacher in a classroom for students with severe intellectual disabilities.

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