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Post school transition: the experiences of students with disability

This report by Children with Disability Australia is based on the direct experience of young people with disability.

Practitioners Who Work with Parents with Intellectual Disability: Stress, Coping and Training Needs

The purpose of the current study was to identify the stressors experienced by practitioners who work with parents with intellectual disability in Australia, investigate coping strategies and explore training needs so as to inform professional development for this group.

Preparing Teachers to Support Inclusion: The benefits of interaction between a group of preservice teachers and a teaching assistant who is disabled

This qualitative study investigates the development of preservice teachers' attitudes toward people with disabilities during a semester-long unit.

Recent changes in the proportion of students identified with a disability in Australian schools

This paper identifies and discusses recent increases in the percentage of students with a disability identified in Australian schools.

Reflections on doing inclusive research in the “Making Life Good in the Community” study

This paper presents findings from an action research which was used to reflect on and progressively refine the support provided by a research mentor to a co-researcher with intellectual disability employed on a large multimethod study.

Responding to the widening participation agenda through improved access to and within 3D virtual learning environments

This study reports on the potential of an accessible 3D teaching and learning environment for increasing access and participation of students with disabilities. Moreover, it focuses on strategies for improving outcomes (i.e. retention, success and completion).

Revision and Validation of the Individual Child Engagement Record: A Practitioner-Friendly Measure of Learning Opportunities for Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Settings

This article seeks to revise and validate the Individual Child Engagement Record (ICER), an instrument designed to observe and measure the engagement of children with disabilities in early childhood settings.

Safe at Schools

This research project investigated what students, their families and other key supporters such as teachers, disability, and child protection workers think about personal safety in and around school, together with their perspectives on what might make things better.

School Assessment Policies Across Australia for Students with Special Needs

This paper examines the assessment policies across Australia.

Self-determination within Australian school transition programmes for students with a disability

This article seeks to examine the extent to which self-determination principles are evident in transitional programs for young people with disabilities.

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