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Teaching Children with Hearing Loss in Reading Recovery

This study quantitatively analyzed the structure of Reading Recovery lessons for children with hearing loss by examining and comparing the supportive interactions of three Reading Recovery teachers of 12 children with hearing loss and three Reading Recovery teachers of 12 hearing children.

Teaching Students with Disabilities: A Web-Based Examination of Preparation of Preservice Primary School Teachers

This paper reviews primary undergraduate teacher preparation courses in Australian tertiary institutions. The analysis shows that only a few units were aimed at promoting positive attitudes to people with disabilities.

The 2013 inclusion report card: From failure to mediocrity

This report reviews Australia's performance in providing inclusive education for children with a disability. Over the decades, the performance has improved.

The Changing Role and Practice of Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments: Practitioners' Views from Australia

This study examined the everyday work of eight teachers of students with visual impairments at governmental primary and secondary schools in Queensland, Australia.

The communication skills used by deaf children and their hearing peers in a question-and-answer game context

This paper explored communication skills used by deaf children. Results were compared with their hearing peers. Deaf children performed worse than their hearing peers and took longer times in answering questions.

The effect of classical music on painting quality and classroom behaviour for students with severe intellectual disabilities in special schools

The effect of playing background music in classrooms in special schools is an understudied area. This research suggests that playing background music in classrooms can contribute to improving painting quality and students' behaviours in class.

The effects of disability on labour force status in Australia

This study examined the effects of disability on labour market outcomes. It showed that there was a significant economic cost to disability. Labour force participation varied by gender, education and the severity of a disability.

The funding of vocational education and training for students with disabilities

The aim of this study was to investigate how the vocational education and training system currently allocates funds to support students with a disability and what other funding models may provide more effective support.

The illusion of full-time inclusion: a national study on the practice and prevalence of a part-time model of inclusion for secondary-aged students with disabilities in special schools across Australia

This study reported on the prevalence and features of part-time inclusion programs for secondary-aged students operating from Australian special schools. The results indicate that part-time inclusion can be an effective program for a small number of students within these schools.

The impact of disadvantage on VET completion and employment gaps

This report asks if course completion and employment gaps exist between different groups of disadvantaged learners and their non-disadvantaged peers.

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