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Use of a Team-Based Approach to Assistive Technology Assessment and Planning for Children With Multiple Disabilities: A Pilot Study

This pilot study trialed a team-based assistive technology assessment and planning process for children with multiple disabilities and their educational teams, in order to inform a wider study using explanatory case study methodology.

Use of multisensory environments in schools for students with severe disabilities: Perceptions from schools

This paper explores the beliefs, perceptions about the effects of Multisensory environments (MSEs) on students with severe disabilities.

Using Intensive Interaction to add to the palette of interactive possibilities in teacher–pupil communication

This paper assesses the impact of introducing intensive interaction to the teaching of students with severe/profound intellectual disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders.

Using self-monitoring to increase the on-task behaviour of three students with disabilities during independent work

The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of using a tactile cued self‐monitoring device (Watchminder) and a self‐recording booklet to improve the on‐task behaviour of three primary aged students with disabilities during independent work.

Validating the British Index for Inclusion for the Australian context: stage one

This is a longitudinal study which investigated the effectiveness and sustainability of a whole‐school approach to improving inclusive practice, strengthening transition networks outside the school and improving learning for students with disabilities.

Vocabulary selection for Australian children who use augmentative and alternative communication

This study identified the words most frequently and commonly used by typically developing Australian preschool‐aged children. Results highlight the importance of providing both core and fringe vocabulary to preschool‐aged children.

We Belong Too

This report is a large-scale survey of adolescents with autism and their parents regarding their experiences and needs.

What factors influence the decisions of parents of children with special educational needs when choosing a secondary educational provision for their child at change of phase from primary to secondary education? A review of the literature

This review presents the results of a literature scoping exercise looking at the decisions parents of children with special educational needs (SEN) make when choosing a secondary placement to send their child at change of phase.

When all is said and done, more is said than done : research examining constructivist instruction for students with special needs

This study reviewed existing literature on the use of constructivist instructional approaches for students with special needs in K-12 settings.

Where are they now? A long-term follow-up study of students with autism graduating from Autism Spectrum Australia’s (Aspect) satellite classes

This summary outlines the findings of a research study undertaken to ascertain whether Autism Spectrum Australia’s satellite class program is achieving its core goal of successful long-term outcomes for students with ASD in more inclusive educational placements.

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