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Disability Standards for Education - Disability Standards for Education: A Practical Guide for Individuals, Families and Communities

This online resource aims to provide a practical guide for individuals, families and communities on the educational rights of people with disability.

Disability updates: children with disabilities

This bulletin aims to serve as an update regarding the demographics surrounding children with disability.

Disability-specific preparation programme plays an important role in shaping students’ attitudes towards disablement and patients with disabilities

A small pilot study was conducted to explore the effect of a clinical placement in a rehabilitation setting on nursing students’ attitudes towards, and effectiveness in caring for, adult patients with acquired disabilities from head and spinal injuries.

Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings, 2012

Contains summary results from the 2012 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC) conducted throughout Australia during the period August 2012 to March 2013.

Double disability: lived experience of Australian tertiary students with ME/CFS

This study aims to see if the spirit and application of the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) are meeting the needs of tertiary students with ME/CFS.

Early Childhood Intervention Coordination Program

ECICP aims to coordinate planning and delivery of early childhood intervention services for families who have a child with a disability or developmental delay.

Early Intervention Services for Children with Disability

This paper presents an audit of the implementation of Early Intervention Services for Children with Disability (EISCD).

Effect of caption rate on the comprehension of educational television programmes by deaf school students

This paper investigated how the rate of television caption delivery affects the reading comprehension of children with deafness. Comprehension was uniformly higher at 90 and 120 words per minute (wpm) than at 180 wpm.

Effect of group size on the participation of students with mild intellectual disability in physical education

This study examined the effect of group size on the engagement of students with an intellectual disability and their peers without a disability while practising skills. Students with a disability were less likely to engage in motor activities than their counterparts in the study.

Empowering preservice teachers to embrace diversity

The study examined preservice teachers' perceptions of the effectiveness of an intervention programme. The teachers reflected on their values and beliefs. The intervention produced positive outcomes such as the building of favourable attitudes towards students with special needs.

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